Project Experience


We have previously provided advice and legal services on a variety of matters to the SABC. This has included representation on several critical litigious matters and labour disputes. Further, we have provided advice on and developed materials for the SABC’s compliance function with additional input on complex strategic matters. The firm continues to provide general legal services to the SABC.


We have previously provided advice on broadcasting related issues to the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa “ICASA” with complex radio licensing proceedings, both in the community and commercial broadcaster spheres. These were large scale projects that involved broadcasters in all the provinces in the Republic, specifically the issuing of what was then referred to as the “temporary broadcasting licences” under then then new dispensation. This included attending hearings and developing several reports and recommendations on matters that arose during the hearings and deliberations. During March 2003, the firm was involved, on behalf of ICASA, in the presentations that dealt with the formulation of policy in developing sports rights regulations. Amongst others, the presentations dealt with criteria to be considered when broadcasting sport that is of national interest. The policy was a ministerial initiative that sought to address problems encountered by the public and the broadcasters with regards to the broadcasting of national sports. We have assisted ICASA with various licensing projects both for community and commercial applications and with its submissions to the Department of Communications (as it was then) during the process of promulgating the Broadcasting Act as well as the amendments to the ICASA ACT.


Ncube Inc has been appointed to the panel of service providers to provide legal services to CATHSSETA on a variety of matters. These include the review of the governance framework extending to advice on Organizational redesign, change management processes and retrenchment matters. This also includes the review of a number of revised policies and opinions on the implementation of such policies. In addition, the firm has been advising on a number of labour matters starting with the conducting of investigations, formulation of charges and management of internal disciplinary processes as well as representation at CCMA, Labour Court and Supreme Courts. Further, the firm has been advising on the management of various contracts and the resolution of disputes arising from or related to such contracts. This also allowed the firm to propose several improvements to the library of existing templates and gaps in other governance instruments such as board approved governance policies and approved processes.

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